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Young, Not Good

Host Conor McKenna welcomed Sean McIndoe, Bryan Burns, Sean Fitzgerald, Marc Dumont, Alison Lukan, and Emily Kaplan. Click here to play Young, Not Good…

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Cool Gigs

Host Conor McKenna welcomed Jameson Olive, Ty Anderson, Scott Wheeler, Shaila Anwar, and Josh Cooper. Click here to play Cool Gigs…

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Changing With The Times

Host Conor McKenna welcomed Danny Webster, Kris Martel, David Isaac, Steve Dangle, and Mary Clarke. Click here to play Changing With The Times…

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Special Guest: Michael Vartan

Host Conor McKenna was joined by special guest Michael Vartan. Vartan, best known for his role in Alias and now staring in E!’s The Arrangement, is an avid hockey and LA Kings fan. Check out the interview! Click here to play Special Guest: Michael Vartan…

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Massaging the Cap

This week, host Conor McKenna welcomed Adam Gretz, Erik Erlendsson, Tracey Myers, Stephen Whyno, and Mike Halford to discuss the World Juniors and the hottest and coldest teams in the NHL. Click here to play Massaging the Cap…

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Featuring Mike Morreale, Sean Hartnett, Jonathan Willis, Bill Hoppe and Kevin Kurz. Click here to play 2017…

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The Crew

Guests: Sean Gentille, Greg Wyshynski, Mike Zeisberger, Pete Blackburn and Marc Dumont. Click here to play The Crew…

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Leaving A Mark

This week, host Conor McKenna welcomed Arthur Staple, Sean Leahy, Jim Diamond, Dan Rosen, Sarah McLellan, and Jonas Siegel to talk Seattle, Carolina, and everything in between. Click here to play Leaving A Mark…

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Business is Business

Host Conor McKenna welcomed Andrew Gross, Alison Lukan, Josh Cooper, Travis Yost, and Sean McIndoe to discuss big trades, own goals, and potential contracts. Click here to play Business is Business…

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